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Note from the Wolf
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Swamp Hideout - Workbench
Item Type Quest Item
Item Types
Value 1
Max. Stack
Crafting This item cannot be crafted.
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Release Alpha 9

The Note from the Wolf can be found in the Workbench of Swamp Hideout, after an indeterminate amount of time has passed, if the player did not heed to Wolfman's requests during Chapter 1, choosing to give the key to Musician instead or killing the Pretty Lady. The workbench will also be missing several items the player has stored there.

The note features blood stains, some in the vague shape of a paw, and 3 bullet holes.

The written contents of the message are aggressive and invite the Protagonist to the Sawmill in the Swamp to retrieve their things. The location of the sawmill may vary, and the note will reflect this.

The note reads:

"You've tricked me, Meat. You've ignored my request, and this action has its price.

If you want to recover your things, come to the old sawmill. It can be found in the (...) edge of the Swamp. Don't think you can do whatever you like.



Czasopismo Przyjaciółka 15/8/1948