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Cottage near the Junkyard
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The Notebook is a story item that can be found inside the Cottage near the Junkyard.

The notes read:

"We have nothing to eat since the flood. I've caught some snails and frogs. Better this than nothing. I'm out of the crosswords I've found last year in the old wardrobe at the junkyard. The only thing that's left is to continue writing the journal and listening to this strange radio. In two days, I will visit the junkyard again. Maybe I'll finally find a tape recorder or something that will allow me record this weird signal. I feel there's some meaning hidden behind it.

I'm hungry. I'm eating grass and whatever I find in the water. I've seen some strange men between the trees. They are not locals, they do not hide. They were dressed in strange clothes, but I was too far to take a better look. Besides, I'm alone, and there were at least three of them. Maybe I'm delusional? Or maybe these old ruins aren't empty.

I've found a blank tape and a broken tape recorder. Maybe I can fix it and do something with it. I've also found some other useful things. I've written them down and left them for later. I don't have the strength to wear them all on my back.

Is it possible that the radio tower emits this strange signal? It's been a couple of years since it's been turned over. The woods have blocked the way to it. But no other signal reaches this place from outside. It must be that tower.

I need to take a break from this radio. I hear this voice everywhere. It's strangely familiar. I can't get it off my head"

— Notebook

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