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Odd Meat
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Cookable. Rots over time.
Rabbit, Red Chomper, Huge Dog, Human Spider, Swamper, Mushroom Man, Centipede
Swamp - Hole
Doctor's House - Crate
Pig Shed - Container full of meat
Item Type Unknown item type
Item Types Consumables
Value 60 (Rabbit)
30 (Others)
Max. Stack
Crafting This item cannot be crafted.
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Notes Converts to essence at Oven. Enhances stamina by 66.6% and increases damage taken by 50% when eaten.

150 seconds

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Odd Meat is a hallucinogen dropped by Rabbits, Chompers, Huge Dogs, Human Spiders, Swampers, Mushroom Men and Centipedes. It can be cooked in the Oven for 12-15 essence (assuming a level 1 oven) or eaten to grant the Endurance buff and Armor debuff for 150 seconds.

Odd Meat has an expiration timer. Once it has elapsed, it'll become a Rotten Mushroom.



As of Alpha 8.0, there were at least two versions of the item: the one dropped by Rabbits could be cooked for 12ml essence, while the odd meat from other sources were worth 15ml.