Odd Meat
Icon odd meat

Cookable. Rots over time.
Rabbit, Red Chomper, Huge Dog, Human Spider, Swamper, Mushroom Man, Centipede
Swamp - Hole
Doctor's House - Crate
Pig Shed - Container full of meat
Item Type Unknown item type
Item Types Consumables
Value 60 (Rabbit)
30 (Others)
Max. Stack
Crafting This item cannot be crafted.
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Notes Converts to essence at Oven. Enhances stamina by 66.6% and increases damage taken by 50% when eaten.

150 seconds

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Odd Meat is a hallucinogen dropped by Rabbits, Chompers, Huge Dogs, Human Spiders, Swampers, Mushroom Mans and Centipedes. It can be cooked in the Oven for essence or eaten to grant the Endurance buff and Armor debuff for 150 seconds.

Odd Meat has an expiration timer. Once it has elapsed, it'll become a Rotten Mushroom.


Trivia Edit

As of Alpha 8.0, there were at least two versions of the item: the one dropped by Rabbits could be cooked for 12ml essence, while the odd meat from other sources were worth 15ml.