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Old Woods Hideout
Old Woods
Type Major Location
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The Old Woods hideout is a major location in the Old Woods. It is a large building, with several rooms and hallways. There are three wardrobes with some good items.

This hideout is the most dangerous place to stay at night in Chapter 1, as every night it will be visited by Red Chompers, Huge Dogs and Banshees. As a trade-off, each night survived in the hideout will earn 200 reputation with the Trader.

Tips Edit

  • The Old Woods hideout has two generators, one functional and one broken that can be scavenged for items. The functional one is located on the other side of the wall from the oven, while the defunct one is found in the oven room itself.
  • Survival here is similar to the rest of the Old Woods: stealth is key. Avoid making loud noises and stay out of sight unless you've already been spotted.
  • This hideout has a good number of hallways and rooms with openings in serpentine patterns. Use this to your advantage to lose chasing enemies if fighting is out of the question.
  • Unlike the Dry Meadow hideout and the Silent Forest hideout, the Old Woods hideout has a number of cracked walls. Those can let light from lamps seep outside, so be careful where you place the lamp.
  • There's no single room that can be fully barricaded, as several doorways cannot be repaired. The Oven room can have one such opening blocked by a wardrobe, however.
  • Unlike Savages and Dogs of both kinds, Red Chompers are aggressive and strong enough to completely destroy a barricade before they lose interest, even if they're not aware of the Protagonist's presence. Always expect a need to fight or flee during nights in the Old Woods.
  • The protective area from the oven's gas doesn't extend beyond the hideout's outer walls, so the Floor Gore may present a problem. Be careful not to run outside unless absolutely necessary and you have a quick entranceway back into the hideout.

Trivia Edit

  • This seems to be the only hideout in the game that isn't based on a location from before Alpha 2.
  • The tiles and layout suggest this may be a lab, clinic or small hospital of some kind.
  • Before the removal of The Thirst, the Protagonist had to collect a bucket in one of the wardrobes in order to build up the well and be able to drink from it.
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