For the item found on the Mushroom Glade, see Cigarette Pack.
Pack of Cigarettes
Icon cigarettes pack
Underground Entrance - Wardrobe
Item Type Story Item
Item Types
Value 1
Max. Stack
Crafting This item cannot be crafted.
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The Pack of Cigarettes can be found at the Underground Entrance, inside the wardrobe blocking the door that leads to the underground inside the aboveground house.



  • The top of the carton reads "20 cigarettes with filters".
  • The text in the middle reads "Clubhouse"
    • This could be either the type of cigarette or simply the brand
  • The label to the right of "Clubhouse" lists its price: "Price 7,35 zł"
    • 7 zł is around $1.75
    • This could belong to the Doctor, since he is seen smoking a cigarette when spoken to at the train wreck
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