The Pig Farmer is a posthumous character in Darkwood.

Prior to the events of the game, the Pig Farmer was the villager responsible for feeding the Sow. This was presumably done by stunning the Sow with electricity and then force-feeding her.

By the time of the plot, the Pig Farmer is already dead. By poking around the Pig Shed and the Village, the player can conclude that someone cut the cables at the Pig Shed while the Pig Farmer was feeding the Sow. No longer stunned, the Sow killed the Pig Farmer, leaving the remaining villagers with no way to feed the Sow.

The Pig Farmer is responsible for writing the Madman's Scribblings #1 in the barn by the Mayor's house. He is found dead in the Pig Shed in the room with the sow, half-hidden under her legs. His corpse can be accessed by killing the sow, and contains the Madman's Scribblings #2. He can also be seen posing in the Photo of the Sow found in the crate in his barn, behind the mayor's house.

Trivia Edit

  • A thrifty player can reach the Pig Farmer's corpse without killing the sow. Equip Light Armor and apply Bandages to yourself, then run at the corpse and quickly loot it. If you're fast enough, you'll take minimal damage and can loot the Pig Farmer's crate without killing the Sow.