Piotrek's House Icon piotreks house.png
Piotrek's House.jpg
Silent Forest
Type Major Location
Characters Piotrek
Creatures Dog
Notable loot Blueprint
Postcard With a Portrait of a Man
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Piotrek's House is a major location in Darkwood.

Located in the Silent Forest, Piotrek's House is home to eccentric Piotrek, who has locked himself in one of the rooms, refusing to open up until the "beast" in his garage has been killed.

The house complex is fenced with wooden barricades and walls and consists of a shed with multiple rooms where Piotrek is at, a separate garage on the outside with a junk pile in front, and a generator room.

The complex can be accessed by vaulting the fence between the shed and garage. The door to the generator room is locked, but can be lockpicked or destroyed.

The doorway to the room with the dog in Piotrek's garage is infested with Worms, but some gas and matches from a nearby crate will clear them. Alternatively, the room can be accessed by breaking through a barricaded door on the opposite side.

Once he can be accessed, Piotrek himself is a vendor that deals in numerous items, and his room contains a usable Workbench as well.

Notable Loot[edit | edit source]

  • The unlocked crate in the generator room holds a piece of Fabric.
  • In the house where Piotrek lives, the Postcard can be found in a crate.
  • The crate guarded by the Dog contains the Blueprint, a Toolbox, and some Nails.

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