Icon pistol

A small-caliber, semi-automatic pistol.
Wolfman - Trade for Electronic Game
Swamp Village Cellar - A corpse near a Glare
Item Type Firearm
Item Types
Value 200
Max. Stack
Crafting 1x Icon weapon parts 1x Icon handgun frame 1x Icon tape
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Healing {{{heal}}}
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Notes Uses Small Caliber Magazines.


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The Pistol is a ranged weapon requiring small caliber magazines to be reloaded. Each magazine holds 8 rounds. Like other ranged weapons, it does not suffer durability loss. It is loaded with 8 rounds after crafting it. Any rounds remaining in the pistol are lost when loading in a fresh magazine.

The Pistol is the weakest firearm of the game, but it's still rather powerful: it can kill a Red Chomper in five shots and an Elk with a full magazine. Its ammunition is also the most common in the game.

The Pistol can be crafted with a level 4 Workbench, along with the Single Shot Shotgun.

Gallery Edit

Pistol - sow - health bar

Damage from a single shot to the Sow with full health.

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