Pump Action Shotgun
Single Shot Shotgun
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Item Type Firearm
Item Types
Value 400
Max. Stack
Crafting 3x Icon weapon parts, 1x Icon tubular magazine, 1x Icon long barrel, 1x Icon tape
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Notes Requires Shotgun Shells.


Release Alpha 2
The Pump Action Shotgun is a firearm that can only be acquired by crafting it at a level 8 Workbench in Chapter 2.

The Pump Action Shotgun is a powerful and reliable weapon. It deals 80 damage on a perfect shot, which kills most things in the game, and has a very large magazine size, allowing for up to 8 consecutive shots, and uses Shotgun Shells for ammunition, which are relatively common by Chapter 2. Each round is reloaded individually into the gun, meaning 8 rounds are necessary to fully load it.

Gallery Edit

Shotgun - sow - health bar

Damage from a single shot to the Sow with full health.