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Road to Home
Road to Home
Type Event Location
Characters Cripple
The Three
Talking Tree
Creatures None
Notable loot Assault Rifle
Bloodstained Rope
Jar with a Sample
Note about the Bundle of Roots
Note about Walls of Trees
Protective Boot
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The Road to Home is one of the final locations in Darkwood. It leads to the heart of the woods, where The Being resides. Based on the decisions made in Chapter 2, there are potentially accessible areas that can be explored.

Military Camp Edit

A military camp can be located up here in the northern part of the map. It is uninhabited, save for several corpses, one of which contains an Assault Rifle. Searching around here, you can find several items of interest, along with The Three. They cannot be interacted with. Going south will lead you to a door that goes to the road itself.

This area is only accessible if you have completed the Final Dreamscene, in which case you wind up here.

Road to Home Edit

The Road to Home is a large paved road with a few houses alongside it. Here, dozens of petrified people, animals, and other dead creatures can be seen trying to make it to an unknown location, either trying to make their way out of the forest, or to The Being itself. It seems that the white goo seeping through the cracks in the road have petrified them. This phenomenon can be seen throughout the Swamp.

Based on your decisions, the Cripple can be found here, alive, and slowly crawling across the road, eventually stopping out of exhaustion. Killing him yields no items. Alternatively, if you haven't burned the Talking Tree, you can interact with it, where it thanks you for sparing it.

Continuing further will lead you to a dead end, with a clearing diverging away from the road and deeper into the forest.

Trivia Edit

  • The player can still be killed by the Floor Gore at night.

Bugs Edit

  • If the player kills the Cripple and chooses to burn the Talking Tree, the Cripple will be found alive on the road.
  • If you try to go through the trees to the north just before the broken vehicle near the end of road you will pass through the tree line into a black area with no apparent boundaries.

Gallery Edit

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