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Burned Houses - Destroyed Well

Piotrek's House - Destroyed Well
Camp (Savages) - Corpse
The Village - Destroyed Well x2
Doctor's House - Destroyed Well x2
Piotrek - Purchase
Swamp Village - Destroyed Well

Item Type Crafting Material
Item Types
Value 20
Max. Stack 2
Crafting This item cannot be crafted.
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Rope is a relatively uncommon crafting material that is used in the crafting of Inventory and Hotbar upgrades. They are often found in old wells.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Rope has varied wildly in its role in the game throughout development, from repairing the Hideout Wells to avoid The Sickness (until that feature was replaced by lighting the Ovens), to crafting Lanterns and Light Armor. As of Alpha 8.0 though, its role has been drastically scaled back to a very limited item required only for the permanent upgrades.
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