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Type Minor Location
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Creatures Banshee
Red Chomper
Huge Dog
Notable loot Pliers
Several Odd-Looking Mushroom
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Ruins are locations found in the Swamp biome on Chapter 2. There are at least five different Ruins randomly placed on the map.

Three Ruins are big houses with dangereous enemies, but good loot:

  1. A Ruin (house) consists of four rooms with a generator outside. It's inhabited by two Red Chompers, one of which is infested with black substance.
  2. Since Beta 2.0 there is a second Ruin with a dangerous Banshee in the first room behind a metal door that can be unlocked with a lockpick. A good tactic is putting the wardrobe next to the door and open the door halfway, wait for the scream and sprint outside quickly - the banshee stands in the doorway, can't see the Protagonist because of the wardrobe, and can be shot from the outside.
  3. Another Ruin is littered with dormant Red Chompers. Around the house are other aggressive creatures, so care must be taken when exploring, avoiding the use of firearms if possible so as to not alert all the Chompers at once. There is a room which can only be entered by destroying the blocked door with a heavy weapon. In this room are several crates and wardrobes with random loot.

Notable loot[]

  • Ruin 1: Inside the largest of the 4 rooms lies a shovel and Odd-Looking Mushrooms in the corner. One of the smaller rooms also contains Fabric, in the other small room is a chair with a watch.
  • Ruin 2: In the room with the Growths and a Banshee is a wardrobe with a set of Pliers. In the other rooms are lots of ammo to find.
  • Ruin 3: Random loot.