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Sawmill Icon sawmill.png
Sawmill - Exterior.jpg
Type Major Location
Characters Wolfman
Creatures Swamper
Notable loot The Wolf's Gift
Violin (Musician)
Assault Rifle
Note from the Wolf #2
Table Leg
Sawmill Key
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Release Alpha 9.0

The Sawmill is a major location in Darkwood added in Alpha 9.0.

The Sawmill is found in the Swamp, usually near one of the edges of the map. There is a single entrance on one of the sides of the building, just beyond which the player may find many scattered log piles. Inside, the player will find large stacks of lumber as well as more lootable log piles. There is also a locked metal door leading further into the facility near the single light in the room.

This is one of the few locations in the Swamp which contains a substantial supply of logs and nails, which are otherwise very scarce in Chapter 2.

If player decides to help the Musician in Chapter 1 as opposed to Wolfman, he will at one point in the later game steal some of the items stored in the Workbench and leave a note, telling the player to meet him at this location, where the player will then have to leave all of his items on a corpse and enter an arena. There, the player will be only equipped with 2 pills, a Knife and a table leg. Time is frozen inside this location and will unfreeze after the player has completed the event.

Wolfman will send two enemies after him. If the player succeeds on killing them, then Wolfman will charge out of the door to the Sawmill's backroom and start shooting the player until he runs out of ammo. Then he throws the Assault Rifle on the ground and tries to rip the player apart with his claws. When killed, he drops the Sawmill Key, allowing the player to exit the Sawmill and collect his lost loot in a chest.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • If the player visits this location at dusk or night, the Wolfman will tell them to go home and come back tomorrow.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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