Shiny Stone
Icon shiny stone.png
Dry Meadow, Silent Forest, The Village, Old Woods, Swamp
Item Type Miscellaneous
Item Types
Value 130
Max. Stack
Crafting This item cannot be crafted.
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Release Alpha 9

Shiny stones are valuable trade items. One can be found embedded into the shrine found in Village. They may be found occasionally scattered about the Old Woods and the Swamp.

Shiny stones are invisible unless hit with a source of light other than natural daylight, in which case they produce a very noticeable, bright reflection. One can use a light source such as a Flashlight to illuminate shiny stones at a distance. Alternatively, the player can spot them in a small radius around him at all times, which can also be used to spot shiny stones close by.

Shiny stones can be sold to the Trader or The Three for 130 Reputation each.

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