Icon shovel

It's heavy, but it has a good reach!
My Cottage
The Grave
Cottage near the Junkyard
Final Dreamscene
Radio Tower Bunker
Item Type Melee Weapon
Item Types
Value 150
Max. Stack
Crafting 1x Icon shovel edge 1x Icon stick 1x Icon tape
Repair Cost 2x Icon plank 2x Icon scrap metal
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Notes {{{use}}}
Notes Suffers durability loss on usage.


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The Shovel is a melee weapon in Darkwood. It does much more damage than the Board With Nails and has a significantly longer reach (much longer with its primary attack) but is slower and does less damage than the Axe. It can be crafted from parts, which can be found as loot in the various chests and containers strewn throughout the game, and bought from merchants.

A fully charged hit will interrupt a charging enemy if it hits before the player is damaged.

Calculating based on a shovel's reputation value to measure durability, a shovel with the Better Materials upgrade loses 18% durability hitting non-living targets, and 6% on hitting living targets.

The shovel is the weapon the Protagonist uses to break down the barricade on the door and escape his holding room in the Doctor's house. It's already damaged when obtained, with just enough durability to break the barricade, and it's lost after the Prologue chapter is completed.

Upgrades Edit

Upgrade Description Cost Effect
Light Materials Less stamina drain. 1x Icon tape 2x Icon metal pipe ≈ 30% Stamina Cost
Sharpened More damage. 4x Icon stone 8x Icon scrap metal ≈ +25% Damage
Better Materials More durability. 1x Icon metal pipe 8x Icon scrap metal ≈ +40% Durability
Sturdy Blade Much higher durability. 1x Icon shovel edge 8x Icon scrap metal ≈ +220% Durability

Trivia Edit

  • Prior to Alpha 8.0, the Axe and Shovel had identical crafting and upgrade requirements other than the edge, so the player had a choice of primary weapon once they reached that point. Currently, the Axe now requires a workbench level that can't be reached until Chapter 2, while the Shovel has been made into a much slower weapon.
  • Extra Shovel Blades found in chests or otherwise can now be sold directly to The Three for a significant profit.
  • Having both Better Materials and Sturdy Blade gives the Shovel a higher durability than the sum of its parts, making the Shovel approximately 5 times more durable than one without upgrades.
  • The shovel's description used to be "A heavy weapon with a good reach".
  • In older versions, during The Grave dream sequence, if the Protagonist manages to kill the Black Chomper they will wake up and find a shovel (presumably the one found in the dream) in their inventory.

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