Icon sickle

Does not interrupt enemy attacks.
Village (Swamp) - Corpse
Swamp - Crate, corpse
Item Type Melee Weapon
Item Types
Value 100
Max. Stack
Crafting 8x Icon scrap metal 10x Icon nail
Repair Cost 2x Icon scrap metal 2xIcon plank
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Notes {{{use}}}
Notes Suffers durability loss on usage.


Release Alpha 8.0

The Sickle is a quick and nimble melee weapon.

While its damage and range are fairly modest, the sickle strikes fast and gives the player a unique lunge and double-hit attack when charged, as well as a slight backstep on quick attacks, although it lacks in stunning capabilities, failing to stop an enemy already attacking.

Taking into account its reputation value as durability, it loses 1 % durability when hitting non living targets, and 6% when hitting living targets. For this reason, it is quite effective at destroying doors or barricades at a low material cost.

The sickle can be crafted using relatively common materials at the Workbench and is often found on corpses in the Swamp Biome.

Trivia Edit

  • As of now, the sickle cannot be upgraded.

Gallery Edit

Post sickle

Damage done on one hit to a full health Elk.

Sickle Stamina Consumption

Sickle stamina consumption on regular attack and backstep (alternate) attack.