Silo Icon silo.png
Silent Forest
Type Major Location
Characters Musician
Creatures None
Notable loot Mushroomss
Dead Rat
Notes The silo, as seen in-game.
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The Silo is an abandoned building complex located in the Silent Forest. It has two main areas, the first a wide, open warehouse divided in half by a line of support pillars. There are mushrooms in a nook behind the pillar line and also further along near the bambino gramophone, which is hooked up to two speakers that loudly play music throughout. The only other object of note is a mannequin missing its head.

The long portion is cracked open at certain points, one giving the protagonist access to it. A long, striped carpet leads within where there is a bed, a few buckets, a fire pit, and a crate with loot. There are indications that the place is, or was, inhabited; which is confirmed later when the Musician takes shelter here. It becomes his main location and his violin playing can be heard when visiting.

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