Not to be confused with Homemade Shotgun.
Single Shot Shotgun
Icon single shot shotgun
Mushroom Glade - Mushroom Man's lair - Crate
Item Type Firearm
Item Types
Value 200
Max. Stack
Crafting 1x Icon weapon parts 1x Icon long barrel 1x Icon tape
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Notes Uses Shotgun Shells.


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The Single Shot Shotgun is a weapon that can be crafted after upgrading the Workbench 5 times.

Single shot shotguns use Shotgun Shells and hold one shell at a time. While the name may be confusing when compared to the Single-shot Pistol, the Single Shot Shotgun does not break upon use; unlike the Homemade Shotgun.

Gallery Edit

Shotgun - sow - health bar

Damage from a single shot to the Sow with full health.