Skills are part of the player progression system in Darkwood.

Skills grant the player new abilities, but may come with certain downsides as well.

Active skills can be accessed by holding Q, which brings up a menu of skills and time is slowed down. Active skills can only be used once a day and one at a time, not simultaneously, and the slowed time makes it handy to decide which one you want to use.

Leveling Up Edit

There are four tiers of skills in Darkwood.

When interacting with an Oven, the player may cook certain types of items for Essence to fill a syringe. After the syringe is filled with the required amount of Essence for a dose, the player will enter a level up menu where they must select traits.

For each tier there is a choice between three to four positive traits to take. Additionally, one negative trait must also be picked for each tier. The player has to pick two positive traits and one negative trait per tier before being able to move on to the next tier.

Positive Traits Edit

Tier Name Type Description
I Skills farsightedness Eagle Eye Passive I will be able to see farther.
I Skills moth Moth Active Once a day, I will be able to heal myself by standing next to an electric light source.
I Skills navigator Navigator Active Once a day, I will be able to learn my current location on the map.
I Skills mushroom healing Mushroom Healing Passive I will be able to heal myself by eating mushrooms.
II Skills acid blood Acid Blood Passive My blood will hurt enemies.
II Skills third eye Third Eye Active Once a day, for about a minute, I will be able to see all around me.
II Skills runner Runner Active Once a day, I will be able to run for a short amount of time without losing stamina.
III Skills careful step Careful Step Passive Once a day, you won't trigger a trap that you step on.
III Skills appetite Appetite Passive I will be able to restore my health by eating wood.
III Skills scream Scream Active Once a day, I will be able to scare off nearby enemies.
IV Skills adrenaline Adrenaline Passive I will deal double damage in melee when close to death.
IV Skills vitality Vitality Passive My vitality will increase.
IV Skills chameleon Chameleon Active Once a day, I will be able to become invisible to enemies, if I stay still.

Negative Traits Edit

Tier Name Type Description
I Skills shadows Shadows Passive Staying in dark areas at night can be dangerous to me.
II Skills poison vulnerability Poison Vulnerability Passive My vulnerability to poison will increase.
II Skills fearful Fearful Passive My sight will get worse for a short amount of time when I receive damage.
III Skills weak lungs Weak Lungs Passive I will recover longer after exhausting myself.
III Skills weakness Weakness Passive When my stamina gets low, I will deal less damage in combat.
IV Skills weak regeneration Weak Regeneration Passive Healing items will be less effective.
IV Skills shaky hands Shaky Hands Passive My accuracy will decrease.

Trivia Edit

  • In older versions of the game, after the fourth skill tier is reached, the required dosage for filling the serum meter is 97519ml. This restriction seems to be in place to prevent further leveling. In the final released version, filling the serum again is not possible.
  • Before Alpha 6.0, active skills were used by pressing F1, F2 and F3.
  • The Appetite passive skill grants the Protagonist the ability to eat not only wood, but planks too.

Legacy Edit

Following are the skills prior to Alpha 6.0.

Tier Positive traits
(pick one)
Negative traits
(pick one)
I Skill 1Skill 2Skill 3 None available
II Skill 7Skill 8Skill 9 Skill 4Skill 5Skill 6
III Skill 10Skill 11Skill 12 Skill 13Skill 14Skill 15
IV Skill 16Skill 17Skill 18 Skill 19Skill 20Skill 21
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