Small Key to a Stash
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It unlocks the container in the Meadow Hideout.
Underground Entrance
Item Type Key
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Max. Stack
Crafting This item cannot be crafted.
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Notes Opens Dry Meadow Hideout stash.


Release Alpha 10

The Small Key to a Stash could be found on a skeleton in the Underground Entrance building. It could be used to open the stash outside the Dry Meadow Hideout, which contains an Explosive Barrel, a 9V Battery, a couple of Shotgun Shells, a can of Gasoline, among other things.

Before Alpha 10, the skeleton contained only Bandages, and the stash was password-locked. The password could not be obtained through any normal means in-game.

This has since been reinstated and in the current version of the game, the skeleton contains only Bandages again, while the Small Key to a Stash cannot be found anymore in the game. The stash behind the Dry Meadow Hideout is code-locked again, with the password only been given to Indiegogo backers.

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