Two characters named Stasiek appear/are mentioned in Darkwood.

Once the Sow has been killed, a villager will be found on the south side of the Silent Forest Village, cutting a path through the forest. He will call out for a Stasiek to take over wood-cutting duty from him. Stasiek is presumably the villager sitting by the entrance of the cut-out path, who complains about the situation being hopeless.

When gossiping with the Talking Tree, among various other lines of dialogue, a woman may be heard calling out for a "Stasiek." Presumably, this Stasiek was her son prior to her melding with the Talking Tree.

Trivia Edit

  • It is unknown whether the two Stasieks are related. The name is not uncommon in Poland, and the Stasiek found at the Village is an adult man while the woman at the Talking Tree seems to be calling out to a child. However, considering that the Darkwood zone has existed for close to a decade from the moment the plot of the game takes place, the Stasieks might be one and the same.