Icon stone

An ordinary stone. Throwable.
Wood Logs
Savage (Rock)
Item Type Throwable Weapon
Item Types
Value 0
Max. Stack 10
Crafting This item cannot be crafted.
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Notes Cannot be collected again after being thrown.


Release Alpha 8
Stones are throwing weapons in Darkwood. They can be easily found on Wood Logs and serve as a convenient, if ineffective, weapon in the early game. Stones are also used in certain upgrades, like "Sharpened" for the Shovel and Axe.


  • If a stone is thrown at a passive creature, that will permanently aggro it.
  • Poisonous mushrooms can be triggered by a well-aimed stone throw.
  • Thrown stones cannot be collected again. Aim carefully.
  • Due to the ineffectiveness of stones in combat, they're best employed in hunting Rabbits.
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