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Swamp Cottage Icon swamp cottage.png
Swamp Cottage.png
Swamp - Near the Old Shed
Type Major Location
Characters Elephants
Creatures Swamper
Red Chomper
Notable loot Scrap Metal
Empty Oxygen Tank
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Release Alpha 8

The Swamp Cottage, also called the Elephants' Cottage by some Characters, is a remote location on the Swamp biome. It is heavily barricaded, and has a backyard littered with Bear Traps that are partially or fully hidden by shrubs, which must be carefully navigated around by the player. A Growths can be found here; it can be used strategically by the player to light up the backyard in order to reveal the location of said traps.

The only way to gain access to the interior of the cottage is to repair the Generator outside and turn it on. The needed scrap Metal (10) to repair it can easily be collected from the bear traps all around the house.

There are Drawings in the Child's room.

Characters[edit | edit source]

The Elephants inhabit the house. After the Child's quest is completed, he will return to this location as well, despite disappearing or being kept away from the player's view after that.

Quests[edit | edit source]

One of the children from the Elephant's family has gone missing, and the player must set out to find him in exchange for the family mother's trust. This quest is important, as it is one of the ways of obtaining the Oxygen Tank, which must be used in order to complete Chapter 2.

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