Not to be confused with Sweater (the apartment).
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A sweater made out of a strange yarn. Prevents bleeding.
Received for completing Mushroom Granny questline
Item Type Tool
Item Types
Value 100
Max. Stack
Crafting This item cannot be crafted.
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Notes Must be equipped to hotbar to receive effect. Loses durability upon taking damage. Cannot be repaired or reacquired.


Release Alpha 9

The Sweater is an equippable item obtainable in the Swamp as a result of concluding the Mushroom Granny's questline without killing her. If the player chooses to kill all the Villagers in the Quarry, she will ask the player as they are leaving to return the next day, when she will have a gift for them. Upon returning to the house in the Mushroom Glade, she will present the player with the Sweater.

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