Tank Wreck Icon tank wreck
Silent Forest
Type Minor Location
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Creatures Several Savages
Notable loot Medium Caliber Magazine
Medium Caliber Bullet
Small Caliber Magazine
Single-shot Pistol
Molotov Cocktail
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The Tank Wreck (B) is a minor location in the Silent Forest. This one has a Corpse nearby and because the lack of a turret, the tank can also be searched, and is guarded by a few Savages.

There are two different tank wrecks in Silent Forest with identical map markers. This tank wreck can be differentiated from Tank Wreck (A) from its missing turret.

Loot Edit

Inside the Tank there is plenty ammo: Medium Caliber Bullet, Medium Caliber Magazine, Small Caliber Magazine. The corpse contains a Single-shot Pistol, Pill (Endurance), and a Molotov Cocktail.

Gallery Edit

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