"Home sweet home."

The Apartment
The Apartment
Type Major Location
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Creatures None
Notable loot Fabric
9V Battery
Note (apartment)
Large Screwdriver
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The Apartment is a location found in the epilogue.

Alert minorThis article contains minor spoilers. Reader discretion is advised.

The apartment contains a unique wardrobe that cannot be searched or moved. When interacted with, the protagonist puts his hat and coat in it.

There are three more wardrobes and a TV set in the living room. His pet dog, a couch, and a lamp are also in that room. The key to the bedroom is found in one of the wardrobes.

The bedroom contains only the bed.

The kitchen has an interactive "Stove" and a note on the table.

The bathroom contains a bathtub, sink, and washing machine that can all be interacted with.

For details about what goes on here, please see Endings.

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