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The Forest (dream)
Type Event Location
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Creatures Floor Gore
Notable loot Shiny Stone
Military Flashlight
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The Forest is a Dream Sequence encountered after reaching Dose Tier 1.


The Protagonist awakens in the Bunker Entrance, equipped with only a Military Flashlight. He is called by a voice to "come". The tunnel opens onto a swampy area. Shiny Stones serve to guide the player through this area. A rug with a lamp on it can be found. This rug appears to be identical to the one in The Apartment.

When the lamp is turned on, the surrounding forest vanishes and is replaced with hundreds of Sleepers and corpses. The lamp begins to glow brighter and brighter and turns into a large fetus. Interacting with the fetus causes a flash and the Protagonist is back in the forest. More Shiny Stones lead him to a bed, which can be interacted with to "lie down". After waking up, a shiny stone will be in the player's inventory in the real world.

If the player goes out of the range of the stones' light, he will be chased by the Floor Gore, if the player doesn't go back into the range of light, he will be killed. The player upon death won't be rewarded with the said Shiny Stone.