The Grave (dream)
The Grave
Type Event Location
Characters Corpse
Creatures Black Chomper
Notable loot Shovel
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The Grave is a dream sequence encountered randomly on any dose tier past the 1st.

After a brief, stoic walk through the woods, a dead body can be found. The dead body will ask the player if he wants to lay down in the dug grave with him. There is a Shovel that can be picked up next to the grave.

If the player doesn't act, after a while, a menacing scream will be heard and the corpse will disappear if the player looks away. A Black Chomper will attack the player from the woods, leading to a very difficult fight.

Conclusions Edit

There are several ways the dream can end, some with their own consequences:

  • Lie in the grave -- Results in an Insect appearing in the player's inventory in the real world.
  • Attack the corpse -- Corpse will stop talking, it will dissapear if the player looks away. Aside from that, there is no benefit in attacking the corpse.
  • Get killed by the Black Chomper -- No apparent results.
  • Kill the Black Chomper -- A Shovel Blade will be in the player's inventory in the real world.
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