The Three are as a whole a single NPC that shows up at the hideout every morning, in Chapter 2. They have the appearance of tall, robed figures wearing masks and covered in branches. The taller, central figure carries a sack which, as stated by the Protagonist, "reeks of mushrooms". The Three are never seen talking, with communication done via gestures or written letters (as experienced by the player).

They are a reliable source of resources, as their Reputation with the player increases by 250 every night survived successfully. If the player kills the Three, they will disappear (not dropping anything) and the time Freeze will end. However, they will still return the next morning to barter for goods as usual.

Stock Edit

Item Buy Sale Stock
Icon odd mushroom night Odd-Looking, Glowing Mushroom 50 5
Icon gasoline Gasoline 40-60 2
Icon scrap metal Scrap Metal 10 2
Icon nail Nail 2 15
Icon watch Watch 200 1
Icon plank Board 6 10
Icon wire Wire 30 2
Icon metal pipe Metal Pipe 60 1
Icon flashlight Flashlight 140-180 1
Icon axe edge Axe Blade 450 1
Icon shovel edge Shovel Blade 450 1
Icon rag Rag 14 2
Icon 9v battery 9v Battery 50 1
Icon matchstick Matchstick 6 14
Icon tape Tape 40 2
Icon weapon parts Weapon Parts 450 1
Icon bolt handle Bolt Handle 450 1
Icon handgun frame Handgun Frame 450 1
Icon long barrel Long Barrel 450 1
Icon tubular magazine Tubular Magazine 450 1
Icon small caliber magazine Small Caliber Magazine 100 1
Icon shotgun shell Shotgun Shell 80 1-2
Icon medium caliber bullet Medium Caliber Bullet 80 1-2
Icon red chicken egg Red Egg 60 1
Icon pills Pill (Endurance) 60 1
Icon pill Pill (Healing) 80 1
Icon gas tank Gas Tank 50 4

Speculation Edit

Based on dialogue with the Cripple when showing him A Photo of Three Boys , The Three might be the three sons of the Thief that stayed behind with him in the Village (Swamp). According to the Cripple, they were banished from the Swamp Village and roam the Swamp as half-savages.

The Cripple also mentions that sometimes, he hears footsteps and little bells chiming. While close to the Three, the player may hear the chiming of bells. It is therefore not unlikely that the Three haunt the Cripple.

The Three are also then the children of the Elephants' mother.

Epilogue Edit

If the Talking Tree is burned down to escape the forest, the epilogue in the True Ending will state that the Three (probably) died in the forest fire while standing in the ashen remains of the Talking Tree.

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Trivia Edit

  • If the Talking Tree is burned, the Three will no longer appear.
  • If the Talking Tree is spared, the three can be found on the other side of Tree.
  • They possibly have a relationship with the Trader. It is also possible that they killed him, and this is all suggested by the theory that they are the Thief's sons.