• A while ago, I did take a look at Special:Insights/nonportableinfoboxes and that page recommends editing several templates to use Wikia's portable infoboxes.

    I made a couple of these; they can be found here:

    These are supposed to be drop-in replacements for the current infoboxes. The main thing that's currently missing is a decent CSS theme, which would have to be added to the Wikia.css.

    I didn't want to replace the old templates without some sort of discussion first. (Plus I can't edit the CSS file...) So here are some pros/cons for replacing the old infoboxes:

    • The portable infoboxes have ultra clean markup compared to the old table boxes. Seriously, kudos to Wikia for implementing these. Using them would make future edits a lot easier.
    • The old infoboxes can't handle mobile all that well, unfortunately. Example. Some parameters don't expand for some reason, and all of the CSS gets stripped so that only a barebones table remains… Not sure how many people care about the mobile view; Aesthetically it's currently complete garbage for any horror game, no matter what type of infobox is used.
    • Portable infoboxes have some weird issues, like the inability to show icons the the header, like for the locationbox marks/map icons.
    • There are probably currently various little errors and typos in the sandbox infoboxes, which would have to be ironed out. That'd require some work.
    • Someone would have to write a CSS theme. My web design experience is very limited; I could probably only do something really basic, or maybe a theme that mimics the current Dark Souls look. Btw, there's the help page about portable infobox themes: Help:PortableInfoboxes/CSS. That looks like some pretty decent documentation.

    So what's the community's opinion on replacing the infoboxes? Any thoughts? Or prayers?

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    • Apologies for not noticing this before! Wikia has a strange way of handling discussions. I have pinged the most active wiki users to vote on the issue.

      Personally, i don't think we should fix what's not broken. Granted, the new ones are cleaner and work better on mobile, but still look trash. I, at least, quickly switch to desktop mode whenever i'm forced to open wikia's disgusting mobile version.

      My problem is with those issues you bring up. As it stands, our code may be ugly and all, but we have complete control over what to do, unlike with the new ones.

      We could use the new Lua code instead of the old wikitext one - if we found a Lua coder - that would bring about real improvements. But the new wiki markup seems to simply switch old problems for new ones.

      These are my views on the matter. Now let's wait for some more opinions :D

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