Icon torch.png
Dry Meadow Hideout - Corpse
Village Well
Item Type Unknown item type
Item Types Light Source
Melee Weapon
Value 50
Max. Stack
Crafting 1xIcon alcohol.png/0.3xIcon gasoline.png
1xIcon matchstick.png
1xIcon plank.png
1xIcon rag.png
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Healing {{{heal}}}
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Notes Emits light. Burns Worms and Black Substance.

5min 36s

Release Initial release

The Torch is the most basic light source in Darkwood. Like the flashlight and the military flashlight, the torch has to be equipped to be used. It projects a dim but usable circle of light around the Protagonist when equipped, and loses durability while in use. An intact torch will last exactly 5:36 minutes before it's fully consumed.

Torches, like the lantern, cannot be used during a Shadows night event.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

The torch can be swung like a weapon, dealing 10 damage and with each strike diminishing its durability by 25%, so even a new torch breaks in a mere 4 hits. However, this does have other benefits besides direct damage: a strike with a torch can be used to clear away Worms and Black Substance within its attack range as well as to light Gas trails or pools.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In earlier builds, the torch was one of the few items in Darkwood that used to have several crafting recipes.
  • Torches are decent for building reputation with the trader NPCs, as they are very cheap and easy to produce and can be sold for a decent profit.
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