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Torn Page From a Journal
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Radio Tower - Extinguished campfire
Item Type Story Item
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Value 1
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Crafting This item cannot be crafted.
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If the player gets killed in the Train Wreck dream, the Torn page from a journal #1 can be found in a camp near the entrance of the Radio Tower.

The notes read:


The news was pure garbage, as always. I was only waiting for the sports digest. We won 2 to 1. I watched Plastusiowy Pamiętnik before going to sleep. Boring life on leave.
In one week I will walk into the woods. It will be my 6th time. This time we're going in from the west. The trip will be exceptionally long. We're taking one of the longest tunnels. It almost reaches to the last zone. Supposedly, it's starting to give under the pressure of the roots, but the job is urgent so "fuck safety".

I have no idea how any of this is kept under wraps. Are those poor saps unaware of the fact that we're taking trips under their feet? Maybe they like it here so much, they don't really care? I wouldn't be surprised."

— Torn Page From a Journal #1