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Not to be confused with Train Wreck.
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Train Wreck (dream)
Train Wreck dream.png
Dream - Train Wreck
Type Event Location
Characters Doctor
Chicken Lady
Pretty Lady
Creatures Black Chomper
Notable loot None
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The Train Wreck dream is one of the Dream Sequences triggered by entering the Train Wreck.

Finding out the Doctor's location through the Musician's help has significant consequences. The Musician will inform the Doctor of the Protagonist's coming, his intentions to book the Protagonist an appointment, unwittingly leading to the Protagonist's ambush and capture when he enters the train.

The Doctor heavily drugs the Protagonist, causing him to hallucinate some kind of an out-of-body experience, in which he witnesses events from the Doctor's past. These events include the transformation of the Pretty Lady and villagers mutating horrendously as they beg the Doctor for help.

The Doctor, as in the Prologue section, demands to know the location of the exit from the forest. The Protagonist hallucinates being chased by a Black Chomper in a strange and distorted landscape.

If the player is caught and killed, they wake up in the train car alone, an unknown amount of time having passed. Upon getting to the Underground Entrance, they will find the Armored Door wide open. Entering will conclude Chapter 1.

If the player isn't caught in the hallucination,he will wake up leaving Doctor in shock. The Doctor will hand over the Big, Metal Key, leaving himself to the player's mercy. The player can choose to tell the Doctor of the Underground Entrance, in which case the Doctor will be found there waiting next to the Armored Door. The Doctor can also be killed, or simply left alone. Player will also earn certain Achievements.