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Underground Key
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Key to tunnel no. 21. Another one... I don't think it's of any use.
Old Shed - Corpse
Item Type Story Item
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Value 0
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Crafting This item cannot be crafted.
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The Underground Key is a story item. It's a copy of the Big, Metal Key.

The underground key can be found on the decapitated corpse of the Trader lying next to the broken air compressor in Swamp Hideout after the first night, or in a grave next to the Old Shed. The corpse is initially buried completely, but the grave can be dug open with a Shovel that has at least 50% durability remaining.


  • This key could be the reason why the Trader's helmet is scratched with the word 'liar'. He tells the Protagonist that there's no way out of the woods, even though he carries the exact same key that the Protagonist had and needs to escape.