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Edits done before account creation[1][2]
(+11)‎ . . Lynx ‎ (Bolded letters in "Lynx", made "Darkwood" in itallic and added a missing dot)
(+248)‎ . . More essence from mutated objects ‎ (Updated page for the skills revamp)
(+22)‎ . . Well ‎ (Rewrote sentences in the past, added a missing comma)
(+11)‎ . . The Sickness ‎ (Added internal link to the well´s page)
(+15)‎ . . Animals are less aggressive ‎ (Added heading for the "notes" part, added internal links to Scream and Skills)
(+16)‎ . . Locations ‎ (‎Minor locations: Added mention, with link, to Crop Field)
(+96)‎ . . Talk:Locations/@comment-Gchapyzh-20141115181604/@comment- ‎ (Created page with "Found a page called "Crop Field" describing just that, and added it to the minor locations list.")
(+115)‎ . . Mushroom Healing ‎ (Added introduction phrase and a few internal links)
(+71)‎ . . Pitchfork ‎ (Added line about the pitchfork being able to get stuck in walls as of Alpha 6.1)
(+86)‎ . . Hideout 2 ‎ (Added trivia line about the privy being removed in Alpha 6.0.)
(+68)‎ . . Mushrooms ‎ (Added trivia header, with line describing the glowing that came with Alpha 6.0.)
(+70)‎ . . Pitchfork ‎ (Added line with the possibility of upgrading and repairing pitchforks that came with Version Alpha 6.0.)
(+112)‎ . . Alcohol ‎ (Added line about how using/drinking alcohol will now give the player an empty bottle)
(+8)‎ . . Photo of the Doctor ‎ (removed unnecessary dot)
(+68)‎ . . Wood Logs (Container) ‎ (Expanded sentence to try and make it less barebones ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ )
(+89)‎ . . Appetite ‎ (Added introduction phrase, linked to Skills and Protagonist pages.)
(+159)‎ . . Animals are more aggressive ‎ (Changed main phrase to make it more than just a copy-paste of the skill's in-game description. Added introduction phrase with a link to the Skills page)
(+226)‎ . . Less stamina ‎ (Expanded. Added links to the replacement skill and the other removed skills in that Tier)
(+250)‎ . . Weak Lungs ‎ (Expanded page. added link to correspondent Legacy skill and some other mentioned pages. Added Trivia heading)
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