Not to be confused with Swamp Village Cellar.
Village Cellar
The Village Cellar as seen in-game
The Village
Type Event Location
Creatures Red Chomper
Notable loot Cellar Key
Release [[Update:{{{release}}}|{{{release}}}]]

The Village Cellar is an optional area that can be accessed through the Mayor's House in the Silent Forest Village after killing The Sow. On their next visit the player will find a Villager next to the Mayor's House, who tells them the mayor wants to "have a word" with them. The previously locked Metal Door in the house is now found open, and the player can access the meat cellar.

Once inside the main area, a couple of villagers will notice the player through some holes in the wall, realize who they are and become hostile. The exit door will lock and a Red Chomper on a chain leash will be released into the room. When killed, it will drop the key to the exit, but the two villagers will come to attack the player as well. A crate in the room they came out of contains a Chain, a Welder, and the Chest Key, which unlocks the wooden door leading out of the cellar.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Red Chomper that attacks the player is named Antek. It's unclear if this was a pet name given by the Mayor, or if it was the name of the person before they turned, however. Regardless, it was being kept as a sort of "guard dog" by the Mayor.
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