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Creatures villager Creatures villager pitchfork
The Village
Pig Shed
Behavior Passive
Attack type Melee
Drops Board With Nails, Pitchfork, low value crafting items
Health 50 (both)
Running Speed Medium
Stamina Unknown
View Distance Medium
Damage Medium
Notes Able to enter windows and open doors when aggroed.
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Villagers are passive and peaceful creatures and characters in Darkwood.

They can be found in several locations. Approximately ten of the peaceful variety reside in The Village. Later on, several more peaceful villagers can be found at the Quarry.

Four passive villagers can be found guarding the Pig Shed. Two of these are equipped with Boards With Nails, and two are equipped with Pitchforks. When approached, they tell the Protagonist to leave; if he does not obey or attacks them, they will become hostile.

One can be found in the Cottage in the Silent Forest, armed with a Board With Nails. He will ambush the Protagonist when he enters the small, closed side-room in the cottage, calling him a thief.

If the Protagonist has killed the Sow and enters the basement in the Mayor's house, he will be attacked by two villagers after Antek is killed.

Lastly, a handful of villagers can also be found guarding the Quarry in the Swamp. Like the ones at the Pig Shed, they will turn hostile if bothered for too long.

Villagers are unique in the sense that they are one of the few sapient NPCs. As such, many of them will feature unique dialogue lines. Most will only attack if provoked or approached after a warning.

Epilogue Edit

If the Sow is spared, the ending will state that a large number of them survived (provided you haven't killed them all). They will see military helicopters (presumably sent by the Outsiders) flying into the region to restore order to the region.

However, if the Sow is killed and the Quarry villagers are spared, the villagers will eat the Mushroom Granny, and after they are full, will throw themselves into the flames on a Mushroom-drugged euphoria, as the game describes it.

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Trivia Edit

  • Villagers are only equipped with Boards with nails and Pitchforks, and should not pose a problem in combat against a well-equipped player. The villagers equipped with pitchforks are slightly more dangerous, having superior range.
  • In a rare night event in the Silent Forest Hideout, a Villager may be found roaming the Hideout at night. When spotted, he will quickly run away and into the night.