Swamp Biome
Behavior Passive
Attack type Melee
Drops -
Health -
Running Speed -
Stamina -
View Distance Low
Damage High (70?)
Notes Entangles and poisons the player.
Release Alpha 8
Vines are passive creatures in Darkwood. They resemble strings of vegetation, dormant around a tree stump. If the player comes too close to the stump, the vines will wrap themselves around his ankle, preventing him from moving beyond a small radius around the stump and dealing poison damage. After a while, vines that grabbed the player will wither and die.

Vines can prevent a player from escaping combat, as well as preventing him from freely dodging out of attacks. Further, the poison can build up to a deadly level that will need to be cured after a few seconds.

Vines can be heard making a distinctive growl, and players should keep alert when navigating around areas with dense vegetation.


Before Alpha 10, vines could only be hit on their roots. Adittionally, they would not die after a given time limit.

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