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Creepy House - Picture on the Wall
Item Type Quest Item
Item Types
Value 300
Max. Stack
Crafting This item cannot be crafted.
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The violin can be found in the Creepy House and is needed to complete the Musician's side-quest.

The violin is located in the farthest room of the house behind the wardrobe and across from the bathtub.

After finishing the quest line, the violin can be retrieved again.


  • The musician's parents are still in the house, though they are diseased by the plague.
  • Removing the violin from behind the wardrobe causes the musician's parents to turn into Red Chompers, though this can be prevented by placing the Drawing in the mother's inventory before removing the violin.
  • The Violin can be obtained again from Musician's corpse at the Creepy house and it won't serve any value.