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Weapons are essential tools of survival in Darkwood. They range from simple axes to modern guns, throwables, and traps.

Weapons can be bought, looted, crafted, or received as rewards from other characters.

The following is a complete list of weapons in Darkwood.

Firearms Edit

Firearms are ranged weapons that require ammunition to operate. They are quite rare in Darkwood and are often easier, if more expensive, to craft at a Workbench rather than find.

Operating firearms requires holding the right mouse button to aim and pressing the left mouse button to fire. Accuracy increases the longer the right mouse button is held before firing and decreases as a result of firing the weapon or player movement.

Unlike melee weapons, firearms do not suffer durability loss. When reloading a magazine-based weapon, any rounds remaining in the weapon are lost.

Name Craftable
Icon assault rifle Assault Rifle No
Icon bolt action rifle Hunting Rifle Yes
Icon double barrel shotgun Double Barrel Shotgun Yes
Icon homemade shotgun Homemade Shotgun Yes
Icon pistol Pistol Yes
Icon single shot shotgun Pump Action Shotgun Yes
Icon one shot pistol Single-shot Pistol Yes
Icon single shot shotgun Single Shot Shotgun Yes

Melee Weapons Edit

Melee weapons only have a limited range but don't require any ammunition to operate. Most melee weapons can also be crafted with various materials.

Melee weapons suffer durability loss through usage, but most of them can be repaired and upgraded at a Workbench.

Holding the right mouse button charges up the attack for major damage. Middle mouse button executes a weaker, much faster attack, albeit at a great stamina cost.

Name Craftable
Icon axe Axe Yes
Icon knife Knife No
Icon pitchfork Pitchfork No
Icon plank with nails Board With Nails Yes
Icon shovel Shovel Yes
Icon sickle Sickle Yes
Icon stick Staff No
Icon table leg Table Leg No
Icon torch Torch Yes

Throwable Weapons Edit

Throwable weapons can be thrown. They damage the target upon impact and some also possess an area of effect.

Most throwables are consumed entirely upon use.

Name Craftable
Icon bottle Bottle No
Icon gas bottle Gas Bottle Yes
Icon knife Knife No
Icon molotov cocktail Molotov Cocktail Yes
Icon stone Stone No

Traps Edit

Traps can be deployed with various effects. The player can disarm and recover most deployed traps.

Traps are removed from the inventory once deployed.

Name Craftable
Icon bear trap Bear Trap Yes
Icon broken glass Broken Glass Yes
Icon chain trap Chain Trap Yes
Icon exploding barrel Exploding Barrel Yes
Icon gas tank Gas Tank Yes
Icon meat Meat No

Unavailable Weapons Edit

The following two weapons are technically present in the game, but cannot be obtained via any known legitimate ways. Both of them can be found in a code-locked crate in Wolfman's Silent Forest camp, but the code is unavailable.

Name Craftable
Icon pellet gun Pellet Gun No
Icon submachine gun Submachine Gun No
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