For Wolfman's other camp, see Wolf's Camp (Dry Meadow).
Wolf's Camp Wolf's camp map icon
Silent Forest
Type Minor Location
Characters Wolfman
Creatures None
Notable loot None
Release Alpha 7

Wolf's Camp is a minor location in the Silent Forest.

This camp is where Wolfman can be found while the player is in the Silent Forest. In the Dry Meadow, Wolfman makes his appearance in another, almost identical looking camp, which only lacks the crates.

The Silent Forest camp consists of a number of furnishings, such as a campfire, a bed, locked crates, and a flipped over lamp.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Wolfman's Camp used to be present only in the Dry Meadow. Alpha 7 added a new hideout for him on every Biome.
  • The two code-locked crates can not be opened via legitimate means. Through cheating, the crates can be found to contain an assortment of Ammo and nearly every Firearm known to be in the game, as well as an Axe and a Shovel. The Pellet Gun and the Submachine Gun can currently only be obtained from the second crate.
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