Wolfman is a major character and a vendor in Darkwood.

Wolfman has the beastly appearance of a wolf and trades in guns, ammunition, and some miscellaneous crafting materials in exchange for Reputation points. With his cunning remarks, he often emerges as a valuable guide or mentor to the Protagonist in the early stages of the game, though his explosive and derisive temperament may suggest otherwise.

Wolfman has a camp in Dry Meadow and Silent Forest, while Old Woods contains his Wolfman's Hideout, a noticeably large area reminiscent of an animal breeding farm. When killed, Wolfman most notably drops an Assault Rifle and the Wedding Ring (Fake).

Plot Edit

Alert minorThis section contains minor spoilers. Reader discretion is advised.

On the dawn of day 2, and if the Protagonist has not found his camp first, the Wolfman will appear near the Oven. He will inform the Protagonist that he can help retrieve what he has lost if the Protagonist is willing to help him in return. He requests that the Protagonist prove his capability of performing his assignment by reaching the camp in the Silent Forest after marking its location on the Player Map. He will also reveal the location of his camp in the Dry Meadow, and tells the Protagonist to visit him there if he wishes to see him again before making his way to the next area.

When the Protagonist finds Wolfman in the Silent Forest, he congratulates the Protagonist and tells him to find the Road to the Village. There, he should have a chat with "the lady who stinks of chickens", the Chicken Lady, who has something interesting to tell the Protagonist. Wolfman also says to be on guard, because she hides something behind a locked door that doesn't belong to her. He then asks for the Key to that door, in exchange for the information of where the Protagonist's key is.

Wolfman will gossip about how the inhabitants of the The Village treat him and others like him poorly, due to their mutations in appearance. He will inform the player that the Villagers have "many secrets", and that he should "find the pigshed, and get rid of that whimpering", in exchange for a reward.

Wolfman dislikes Piotrek so much that he wants the Protagonist to sabotage Piotrek's quest of building a fantasy spaceship. He offers no reward for it.

Quest Edit

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The Protagonist is left with essentially two meaningful paths of interacting with Wolfman from this point on, other than killing him: bringing him the Key, or ignoring his request and finding another way to the Doctor's House.

A: Bringing Wolfman the Key Edit

Should the Protagonist choose to satisfy Wolfman's request to retrieve the Key from Mr. Janek's house in The Village, he will be waiting for the player a final time in his large, dog-infested complex located within the Old Woods. Wolfman will greet the Protagonist with a howl, covered in blood and smelling of rot. Exploring his small home-like section near the back of the complex will reveal the half-devoured corpse of the Pretty Lady, and Wolfman will thank the player for the chance to "regain his girl." In return for his efforts, the Protagonist will be rewarded with a Hunting Rifle, and Wolfman will agree to take him to the Doctor's House. After this, there's no plot-important interaction between the Protagonist and Wolfman, and he cannot be found in chapter 2.

Killing the Pretty Lady at any point will anger Wolfman. He will tell the Protagonist to "fuck off" and refuse dialogue from this point on.

B: Ignoring Wolfman's Request Edit

If the Protagonist instead decides to complete the main quest in Chapter 1 by another means (and doesn't at any point decide to kill Wolfman), an entirely different set of events unfolds, although the consequences of this choice are not felt until Chapter 2. Upon spending some indeterminate period of days in the Swamp, the Protagonist will wake one morning to find many items missing from the containers in his hideout, with an angry note from Wolfman left behind at the Workbench. In the note, Wolfman demands that the Protagonist visits the Sawmill if he desires to retrieve the items he has stolen, and expresses his anger at the Protagonist for ignoring his request.

  • Wolfman will talk to the Protagonist through a gramophone and tell him that he has to fight two of his brothers (Huge Dogs) while he plays the violin. Wolfman also makes him leave his items outside of the room on the corpse of a stuffed man. You can, however, leave some of your stuff in the room to pick up. He leaves you with a Table Leg. Close the door and fight. Be prepared to face him once you beat them.
  • Wolfman will charge out of the backroom of the Sawmill and will begin to unload his Assault Rifle at you, before throwing it to the ground after his ammunition runs out. He will then attack by charging and swiping. Downing him and killing him should allow you to proceed to the backroom of the Sawmill. Should you lose, returning to the Sawmill will allow you to get his Assault Rifle (you will get it if you kill him as well, it's on the ground) and your stuff will be gone. However, he will have left you a note, the Sawmill Key and a... present.

Epilogue Edit

In the true ending, Wolfman, if not killed by the Protagonist beforehand, is said to have had an unknown fate. 

If the player does not talk to him and chooses the Bliss ending, the Wolfman is said to remain living in the woods, basking in the suffering of its other inhabitants. If the player does not give him the key, he will do the same, but forever unsatisfied and unfulfilled, due to his "deepest desire" being left unachievable by the Protagonist's actions.

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Identity Edit

Those accursed woods are populated by deranged lunatics and mutants, but the Wolfman still strikes as an inexplicable oddity: even if his lupine features are truly made up by the Protagonist's warped perception, there is no way to deny his feral animal-like habits as sniffing objects and enthusiastically licking someone's face. He is strangely at ease in "his forest" living by himself in small camps formed only by a tent and a lamp, and even at night most creatures just ignore him (some dogs actually obey him). Putting aside the Protagonist's dubious sanity and considering the Wolfman a mutant, his body has no deformities and is almost completely humanoid: he can speak fluently, he is able to wear clothes, and his paws are elongated enough to allow the use of firearms and tools. However, he doesn't seem to be just an enhanced wolf: true, he became frustrated after having seen that the Strange Box had the Child Drawings inside, but he cannot be related to them in any way as they show a domestic dog and not some predatory beast; since he cautioned the Protagonist against opening that lockbox by himself, it is more probable that he was hoping for some dangerous piece of equipment.


The gruesome trophies in the Wolfman's Hideout

The enigma of his origins deepens after have traced all the pieces of information that link this character to the Hunter House and the Pretty Lady. Despite calling the Protagonist "Meat" and claiming to dislike contaminated flesh, he leaves alone all the healthy villagers and focus his cannibalistic desire on the sole Pretty Lady, an innocent woman made twisted and swollen by the Plague's influence, who he calls "my sweet girl." His dedication is not the bloodlust of a hungry carnivore looking for sustenance, but the sick obsession of a psychopath as he is left unfulfilled is the Protagonist does not give him the key for his "deepest desire." There is a wedding ring to be found on a skeleton inside the Hunter House and in the Pretty Lady's room (hinting that the two were engaged before the Plague outbreak) and strangely the Wolfman also has a similar ring, but this is not the worst detail of this picture: on the one hand, the Hunter House sports stuffed animals and trophies aside from one particular rack which shows that a beast's head has been removed, and on the other we see the Wolfman's passion for stuffing human corpses or hanging trophy human heads.


The Wolfman's true intentions

Given the Plague's ability to mold together different creatures and even objects, it is possible that its eldritch power fused an unbalanced man and the remains of a vengeful wolf, creating a monster that mimicked both the habits (wearing the huntsman jacket and boots, hunting with guns and stuffing corpses) and the desire (be together with his spouse) of the deceased huntsman: this is further confirmed by the corpse of the Pretty Lady, devoured on a bed surrounded by lights in a twisted parody of a romantic atmosphere, talking not about a feast but as having had back "my girl, my sweet little lady".

Showing Items Edit

In the conversation screen, the Protagonist can show various story items to him.

  • Battery, Exhaust, Fan Belt, Rearview Mirror, Steering Wheel, Tire: After the player has shown Piotrek at least one of these items, Wolfman will request to manipulate any one of these items into a bomb as a twisted surprise for Piotrek, who he detests. The Protagonist has the choice whether or not to agree ("nod") to this. The option to show Wolfman these items disappears after this, however.
  • Dog Tags: Wolfman gives the Protagonist information about, and the location of, the Chicken Lady House.
  • Electronic Game: Wolfman becomes incredibly offended and presumes he is being made fun of. If "shake head" is chosen, he throws the game away in disgust. If "nod" is chosen, he asks to exchange the game for valuable information. If "nod" is chosen yet again, the player will be given an empty pistol. The option to show him the item disappears after this.
  • Strange Box: Wolfman looks at the Strange Box and gives the Protagonist the location of a place in the Old Woods where he can find the key of the box (Church Ruins).
  • Plastic Chick: Wolfman remarks on how the chick would be a nice gift to take to a fair[?].
  • Bloodstained Plastic Chick: Wolfman remarks on how he is now free to eat Chicken Lady's chickens.
  • Photo of a Road: He states the road doesn't exist anymore. After he throws it to the ground he says, "Better forget about the 'road home', Meat. Around here all the roads lead to nowhere."
  • Photo of the Doctor
  • Key Covered in Chicken Feces
  • Invitation: Wolfman comments that the protagonist should cover his deformed face if he wants to dance.
  • Twisted Key: Wolfman snatches it from you to open the Strange Box, if you've already shown it to him.

Stock Edit

The Protagonist has an initial Reputation of 50 when trading with Wolfman.

Dry Meadow Edit

Item Buy Sale Stock
Icon toolbox Toolbox 200 1
Icon 9v battery 9v Battery 50 1
Icon bottle Bottle 20 1
Icon flare Flare 60 2
Icon flashlight Flashlight 140-294 1
Icon gasoline Gasoline 40-68 1
Icon wire Wire 30 1
Icon matchstick Matchstick 6 13-19
Icon nail Nail 2 13-28
Icon red chicken egg Red Egg 70 1
Icon rag Rag 14 1-4
Icon small caliber magazine Small Caliber Magazine 100 1
Icon metal pipe Metal Pipe 60 1
Icon tape Tape 40 2-4
Icon watch Watch 300 1
Icon handgun frame Handgun Frame 450 1
Icon weapon parts Weapon Parts 450 1
Icon chain Chain 150 1
Icon tape Tape 40 2-4

Trivia Edit

  • During the Alpha versions of the game, Wolfman would simply state "What the fuck is this shit?" When shown the plastic chick. After the introduction of the Wedding, however, he now notes that it would be a nice gift to take to a fair.
  • Before Alpha 6.0, Wolfman would simply indicate where the Protagonist could find him on the Dry Meadow, without mention towards an assignment.
  • Before Alpha 7.2, Wolfman would give the Protagonist vague directions towards his camp as opposed to marking it on his map.
  • Prior to Alpha 8.0, Wolfman could be shown the Photo of the Doctor, which was previously obtained from the Chicken Lady. This would cause him to request the Lynx from the Hunter's House in exchange for information about the doctor. This fetch quest was dropped later on, but the photo could still be shown to him, whereupon he refers to the Doctor as a "quack".
  • Alpha 10 added a heavy, feral breathing noise to Wolfman. This can be heard when nearby him.
  • As of Alpha 10, gifting the Chicken Lady's Key to Wolfman will result in gaining a hotbar upgrade. This item will be added to the Protagonist's inventory and must be 'used' to upgrade his hotbar.
  • Killing Wolfman is the only way to obtain the Assault Rifle in chapter 1.
  • A bloodstained bullet hole is visible on the left side of his jacket over his heart. As an injury like this would normally be fatal, it is almost sure that he was the one who shot the previous owner.